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What is 321 MED

321 MED offers practices, clinics and other health facilities all the relevant possibilities of the internet in one system - as uncomplicated and resource-saving as possible and adaptable to individual requirements. 321 MED offers you all options from a single source to position yourself online in a contemporary way and to offer your patients the advantages of modern telemedicine.

How does 321 MED work

After having registered a 321 MED account, you can create a "321 MED page" for your healthcare facility. This can be set up entirely according to your requirements and flexibly configured from various modules. Thereby you can use your 321 MED page as an independent website - or just connect it to your existing website as an extension for individual functions (e.g. communication).

Communicator module
Direct communication via messenger (exchange of messages and files similar to e.g. WhatsApp) and video calls
Organizer module
Fast appointment organization via appointment requests for stored services and easy sending and arranging of suitable appointment proposals
Manager module
Transparent treatment overview for patients with secure provision of data (e.g. findings) as well as case-related messages and appointment lists
Supporter module
Quick request for ordinances, certificates and documents and, if necessary, direct online provision of relevant data
Evaluator module
Simple and anonymous patient reviews for detailed, non-public feedback for quality optimization
Website module
Full-fledged designer-quality website with simple administration, automatic updates to the latest technologies and optimization for all devices

Made by doctors

”321 MED should finally offer colleagues a solution that makes all the possibilities of the Internet easy to use and is optimally designed for the special requirements of the healthcare sector. Health facilities can be reached independently of time, personnel resources are relieved and interaction with patients is as efficient and simple as possible for both parties.”
Dr. med. Magnus Baringer
Doctor and computer scientist
Founder and CEO of 321 MED GmbH

What possibilities does 321 MED offer

321 MED is a modular system that bundles all the possibilities of the Internet that are relevant to medicine in various modules. You can flexibly activate or deactivate these modules for your "321 MED page" with just one click. In this way, you can set up your online offer for your patients in a very uncomplicated and needs-based manner and adapt it to new requirements at any time.

So einfach wie möglich
Extrem einfache und intuitive Benutzung auch ohne Vorkenntnisse
Direkte Nutzung auf jedem Gerät mit Internetzugang möglich
Keinerlei Downloads oder Installationen zur Nutzung notwendig
Keine spezielle Anbindung an bestehende Praxis-EDV notwendig
So sicher wie möglich
Sichere Verschlüsselung aller Daten bei Übertragung und Speicherung
Autonome Datenspeicherung im eigenen "virtuellen Server" für jede Schnittstelle
Vollständige Löschung aller Patientendaten nach 7 Tagen für kurze Speicherzeiten
Vollständige Kontrolle über die eigenen Daten für jeden Patienten

How to get started with 321 MED

321 MED is so uncomplicated that you can set up your "321 MED page" with just a few clicks and then manage it easily. 321 MED also includes all-round carefree support with operation, maintenance, regular backups and updates, so that you can offer your patients a constantly modern website. If required, we will be happy to offer you comprehensive personal advice and a set-up service in advance.

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Transparent Pricing
Instead of high one-off costs as with conventional websites, 321 MED is billed at monthly rates based on usage. You only pay for the modules that you have actually activated for your "321 MED page". Modules can be activated and deactivated at any time during operation. Additionaly, costs are only due after 30 days of use - allowing you to initially test 321 MED without risk.
321 MED
Online-Schnittstelle mit flexibler Nutzung aller Module.
129€ / month
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Erweiterung zur vollwertigen Website inklusive Domain.
+ 49€ / month
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Komplette Einrichtung Ihrer 321 MED Schnittstelle durch unser Team.
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